2016 | 9:00 Min. | 4K | mono | videoprojection

Director | Editor | Script | Marko Schiefelbein
Cast | J. Burrell, L. Lippstreu
Director of Photography | Gaffer | Key Grip | A. Motzel
1st Camera Assistant | Grip | J. Piechotta
Sound Engineer | M. Stern
Dolly Operator | J. Schunk
Documentation | Clapper | V. Rischke
Wardrobe | Dresser | Catering | Script | M. Krebs
Production | videoframeberlin

Distribution | Vivo Media Arts Centre, Vancouver

THE ARCHETYPE PROJECT re-stages a situation from a „Marlboro Maybe“ billboard advertisement which was part of a campaign that specifically targets youth from the so-called Generation Y and Z. It portraits a protagonist who is unable to enter the stage due to stage fright. The second character, whose role is loosely based on the Marlboro Cowboy, uses the spotlight to reckon with the shortcomings of the „Generation Maybe“ and its urbanity. In his ongoing and analytic monologue he manages to manifest himself by partly using phrases from Marlboro advertisements as well as phrases from psychoanalytic portraits about the Marlboro Cowboy that were transferred into spoken text.

The work examines how the advertising industry generates consumption desires through continuous re-production of inferiority complexes. It showcases how these complexes that are programmed in ads from the 60/70s are imprinted into the (self-)perception of following generations (here Generation Y).


THE ARCHETYPE PROJECT, Installationview, Städtische Galerie Vila Streccius, Landau, Germany